We Shouldn’t Even be Here: The Big Bang, Man and Planet Earth

The We is Us. The Here is the planet Earth.

Let’s start at the beginning. Big Bang, chaos, heat, cold, gravity, momentum. Clear enough for you ? Perhaps not.

Lets shoot ahead to our galaxy, the Milky Way. Stupid name by the way. Our solar system is two thirds out from the middle of the galaxy. So what you say. Well, if we were closer to the center there is a good chance we would be sucked into that giant black hole in the center. Too far out and the big gas planets such as Jupiter would
not have formed. Jupiter acts like a goalie in our solar system. Catching and deflecting stray meteors. It’s a nice thing to have.

So the earth was formed by hard stuff mostly. Pieces colliding and getting bigger as it circled the sun. So lets just say we have the planet now. We are the Goldi-locks planet. Not to close, not to far away from the sun. Just right. Not bad eh.

But our planet is not alone. We have a neighbor. A close one. We call it the moon. Now the moon does much more then just sit there and look pretty. It does something that we depend on. Life depended on. The moon holds us steady. With out the moon the earth would just tumble around. It would not be an almost perfect spiral at the
equator. Out seasons would be all over the map. So the moon, besides giving us a little light at night holds our rotation. Without it there would be no life on earth. At least not that kind it has now.

Now lets move on to the poison our sun throws at us constantly. Radiation. Radiation which should have killed all life if it ever began. But it doesn’t. Ahhhh. Now how does the earth pull a rabbit out of it’s hat for that one ? It’s the earth’s core. The liquid metal core produces a magnetic shield. The evidence of this is if you have ever seen the Northern lights. You see the shield deflecting the harmful solar winds. And there is that rabbit.

So now what. What does the earth have an abundant supply of ? Something that is a building block for life on our planet. Water. We have lots of water. Not only that but it is at that perfect temperature where it’s liquid. Most water in the Universe is hard. Very hard and very cold. We got lucky once again. Our water is liquid. And we have lots of it. Point for us.

So we are already up in the upper upper limit of beating all those odds. But some how life began on our little planet. Slowly at first, then it went hog wild. Look at any patch of dirt. You see the plants and the animals competing for that little patch. And there is whole planet like that. But lets go back a few million years. As luck would have it a meteor severely crippled the dinosaur and mammals became king. But it doesn’t stop there.

We have big brains yes but so does a dolphin. Can a dolphin change out the motor in a 57 Chevy. We also have long limbs and five fingers with a thumb and we have stereo vision and can see color. Good thing eh.

And lets add this. It is now a time in the solar system when it is pretty quiet. No killer meteors cruising along. Sun still has another 5 billion years left or so of light and heat. Orbit seems stable. Yes, we are living the dream. A naked ape on a not too cold or too hot planet with plenty of green stuff to eat.

So lets review shall we. Big Bang, Galaxy, Solar System, Sun, Earth, Moon, Meteors, Mammals, hands and a quiet solar system. What are the odds. I am sure somebody had figured it out but we really need to understand it for ourselves. We are unique in the Universe. I am sure we are not alone but for now we are.

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