The Irony of Ferguson: The Police, the Victim and an Angry Black Citizenship

Ferguson, MO.: A lone cop shoots an unarmed black youth. A tragedy yes.

But in the aftermath we have citizens calling for the policeman’s head. Initial
details are that the policeman shot the young man after he put his hands up and
surrendered. Another version is the police shot him as he ran away. But life
lessons have taught us all that the first reports are almost always wrong.

More facts are coming out that maybe the young man was not so innocent. The troubling
part is that there is a group of people. Yes a group of our citizens that have already
convicted the police officer and found him guilty. The ironic part is many of these
citizens are part of a group that have lived through injustices. Yet, they hesitate not
a second to convict this man. With the little evidence that has come to the surface the story
is still in the he said, she said stage. Slowly the physical evidence is coming out. One
of the star witnesses is the friend of the young man that was killed. So his testimony must
come with the knowledge that he has a stake in the outcome.

The speed in which people have judged this man or any man is frightening. They do not want
to wait for the facts. They don’t trust the facts. In a way that is understandable. But should
this police office be sacrificed on the alter of revenge ?

The same people that cry “justice”. Will not give any.

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